Designing and Manufacturing Your Jewelry Products

Gildform is a cloud based design and manufacturing platform and on demand manufacturing with 3D printed jewelry.

What is Gildform?

We’re an all-in-one, cloud-based solution for producing jewelry ideas from concept to creation. Independent designers, emerging brands and corporations can hire from a global network of technical designers for 3D file creation and produce their products on demand.

You could be anywhere in the  world and hire from a global network of designers for realizing your jewelry ideas. Creating your products on-demand, we fully produce your products in our Detroit-based manufacturing facility. 


How does manufacturing work?

01. Upload your 3D models of your designs in seconds. This feature allows designers to receive accurate quotes in all available materials, ensure the printability of their model and on-demand manufacturing.

02. High-quality visual renderings that allow you to visualize your plans. The rendering is responsive, adjusting in real-time based on your selection of material and finish.

03. Real-time pricing based on the metals market. You can obtain a project quote tailored to their specific design specifications, based on the pricing of the metals chosen at that exact moment. Empowering brand owners, like yourself to make sound decisions for your business and your bottom line.

04. A built-in network of experienced CAD designers, removing a common hurdle that stands in the way of jewelry business owners and realized visions.

05. Follow the progress of your projects from 3D model upload to finishing and shipment. This feature ensures that you can meet important deadlines, as well as the demand of your customers.

View our article on how to upload your 3D model image for more details.