Does Gildform work with sustainable materials?

Yes! We are passionate about manufacturing your jewelry with 100% sustainable materials and practices. All materials we offer as a jewelry manufacturer are refined and sustainable.

We work exclusively with USA refined silver and gold materials. Refining in its simplest form means they collect gold and bring it back to its refined state. This minimizes the impact that Mined Gold has in the industry such as the environmental and unfair impact mining has in the areas of the mine and its surrounding communities.  

When producing with Gildform your products are made of 100% refined cast alloys. All metals are sourced in the USA with 100% ethical-sourcing practices and fair-trade. We only source precious metals (gold and silver) that have been audited by the Scientific Global Services (SCS), a global leader in the third-party environmental and sustainability certification, testing and standards development. Also, all our metal alloy suppliers are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council.