How do I determine my dimensions for my jewelry sketches/3D models?

Learn how to determine dimensions when sketching your jewelry designs and beginning the 3D modeling process with Gildform.

One crucial element to designing your jewelry is to make sure that you are providing accurate dimensions of your jewelry sketch or reference. We will use these dimensions to create your 3D model, which will be used in the production process. 

Dimensions will determine the weight, wearability, scale, cost and manufacturability of every jewelry design. It is important that your dimensions not only reflect your desired vision but also checks off all of these very important boxes for designing (and creating!) your jewelry. 

Always consider the W.W.S.C.M!

Weight - what is the ideal weight for your jewelry design? Click here for a weight chart to help you decide.

Wearability - Is your design wearable? Is it the right size that will allow for an appropriate range of movement and is it comfortable? Is it the right weight? For example, if your earring is over 50 grams, then you'll want to consider adjusting the dimensions as your customers may not feel comfortable with the weight of a Baby African Penguin on their ears.😅

While the average earring weight is about 4 - 7 grams for earrings, some people may feel just fine wearing double that weight and others may be very sensitive. Think about your customer and target audience. Not every style is meant for everyday wear and so your wearability-meter may have some wiggle room. Ask yourself, what is most comfortable for you when wearing jewelry and start there.

Scale - Is your design the right scale when considering the weight, wearability and your vision?

Cost - One rule of thumb in jewelry is that, the bigger the jewelry piece, the more expensive that it will be to produce. For example, if you desire to produce in Solid gold or 925 Sterling Silver, you may want to consider the cost. Gildform prices based on the 3D model, and you will need your dimensions and other specifications at the time of your Design Submission for 3D models.

So we’ve created a guide for pricing.

Manufacturability - Anything can be designed but not everything can be manufactured. Is your design within the requirements of our manufacturing process?

Click here to learn more about our design requirements for manufacturing your jewelry and be sure to visit this page every once in a while to state up to date on our latest capabilities. 

Keep in mind that pricing is based solely on your unique 3D model and pricing will change depending on the market. There is no way that we can predict or estimate the cost of producing your jewelry, prior to you uploading your completed and approved 3D model on Gildform