How to reduce stl file size for easier delivery on the marketplace

Reduce Large stl file size

Reducing a large .stl file size makes it easier and faster to deliver to client on the marketplace.

The first step is to go to your modeling program and then to 'command export'.

Export the file and save 'file type' as 'stl' and the name according to specification on the platform.

Tick the button that says 'save small' and then go ahead and 'save.

The approximate size would pop up on the screen in a box, you'd select 'binary' and then 'okay'.
The file would then be saved in your desired size.

This would make it easier to deliver the .stl file on the marketplace and also easier for the client to upload the file on the Gildform 3d model page.

Check out this video tutorial for step by step guide on stl file size reduction