How do I sign-up for the Gildform Marketplace as a Jewelry CAD Designer?

This is the step by step guide on how to sign-up for a marketplace account on Gildform as a jewelry CAD Designer.

  1. Pull up the Gildform website –
  2. Click on the Login button and choose from the two options
    1. Client
    2. Designer
  3. Click on the “Designer” tab
    Screenshot (1144)
  4. Click "Sign Up" to Create An Account on Gildform Marketplace
    Screenshot (1145)

  5. Fill out the form with all the requested information
  6. Once completed click on the “Finish and Continue to Stripe Connect” button

    Screenshot (1148)
    Screenshot (1149)

  7. This button will redirect you to the Stripe step up to connect your Stripe account to the Gildform platform – fill out this page with your phone number and email address associated with your Stripe account. 

    Screenshot (1151)
  8. Once all that is done you will be redirected to the Marketplace platform on Gildform.

  • Fill out the information accurately with your business and personal information

  • The final process is to set up your account to receive payment as a designer

Screenshot (1161)