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I feel like my price is higher/lower than normal. Why is that?

Costing out jewelry manufacturing with traditional manufacturers can be tough but Gildform makes it easy with our on-demand jewelry manufacturing platform.

We strive to provide you the most reasonable pricing and the highest quality possible. If for some reason, your pricing looks way higher than normal, this may be from an issue with your CAD file. You can send us an email with your CAD file to hello@gildform.com or live chat us for a file inspection. If your CAD file was created with Gildform, then your inspection is free.

We charge a flat rate for each CAD file inspection of $35 per file not created by Gildform. We will inform you if your design requires a remodel to be better optimized for production.  Upon your approval, we will add the cost of inspection toward the total cost of the new CAD file.