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What is the Gildform Fulfillment x Shopify App?

Manufacture your jewelry on-demand, get your jewelry to market instantly starting with a 3D model and dropship jewelry that you've designed yourself from your Shopify store!

The Gildform On-Demand App allows Shopify Merchants to get their precious and semi-precious metal jewelry products to their online store and in the hands of their customers faster and more efficiently by publishing their jewelry directly to their Shopify store.

Merchants can upload 3D models for instant metal-market pricing based on material, polishing, assembly specifications and more. When merchants choose their specifications, they also get a real-time visual rendering of what their jewelry 3D model would look like based on their material specifications.

In just a few clicks, Shopify Merchants can import their products directly to their online store with the production cost and a rendering of the 3D model. Once the jewelry product is added, merchants can add their preferred mark-up for their retail price, along with any additional images, product name and description published to their store.

When the customers of the Shopify Merchants order the imported item(s), the production order is placed with Gildform instantly and Gildform begins the production process according to the item's specifications. 

Merchants can follow their order in the production process in their Gildform Dashboard and choose to have Gildform ship their products to their main business address or directly to their customer with Custom Gildform Packaging (additional charges will apply for custom packaging).

Gildform Features - 

  • Instant Metal-Market Production Pricing on various precious and semi-precious metals, polishing types, assembly options and more!
  • All orders are made in USA with Sustainably and Ethically Sourced Refined materials
  • Real-time visual rendering of jewelry 3D models
  • Direct import of production costs and jewelry renderings to Shopify store 
  • On-demand production and fulfillment  - great for made-to-order, pre-order and dropshipping of Gildform produced jewelry items!
  • Customizable shipping settings for providing a heightened customer experience
  • Standard Plus x Shopify Merchants always get priority production. 
  • Support from our Customer Success team