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Can I offer Free Shipping on my store with Gildform Print On-Demand?

Offering Free Shipping to Customers on your Shopify Stores

As a brand owner offering your designs on Shopify in conjunction with Gildform, you could offer free shipping to your customers.

Wondering how this could affect or work with the Shipping details set up in the Gildform Print on-demand Shopify App integration process? Although you are required to make a selection of either the Cheapest or Fastest shipping method on Gildform while setting up your Shipping details for Shopify orders on the Gildform App, you could set up your General Shopify shipping with the Free option for the items you desired to be shipped free. 

When your customer places an order for the item, Gildform's API will find the carrier that's best aligned with the option ( cheapest/fastest) you chooses. Regardless of your customer offering, there's a cost for shipping and you will be charged for the cost of the order and the shipping using your card on file.

Enhance your shipping experience with Custom Packaging & A Dedicated Dropshipping Locker.

Also, since Gildform would handle the fulfillment of your Shopify orders, why not give your customers the unique unboxing experience with your Custom packaging?

Already have your custom packaging from another supplier? 
We've got you covered! We offer dedicated Dropshipping Locker for your own provided branded packaging and shipping materialds. 

With this, you could have an inventory of up to 50 units, of up to 3 parts (such as One Box Style, One Pouch Style and One Insert Card) and an additional monthly fee of $10/month for your Dropshipping locker. 

Take the first step to book a Dropshipping locker here