Does Gildform work with existing molds for production?

You have your own molds and are curious if Gildform will use your molds - we work with 3D models.

We do not work with outside molds. We can either work with you to create 3D models or you can upload an existing 3D model to get pricing for production. 

If you upload an existing 3D model, for the best quality jewelry products we ask for a 1 mm minimum wall thickness for all areas in the 3D models that you upload onto Gildform. If in the event your 3D Model presents issues in the manufacturing process or is Not Optimized for Production or overall not producible, we will reject the order and refund the cost of the item that is not optimized for production, minus the Restocking Fee.

For more information on 3D models, please review the following articles. 

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