Can I place an order with a 3D file that I created myself or had a third-party create?

Yes, of course. Please keep in mind that we are only responsible for producing your 3D file(s)/3D model  ‘as is’, according to your specifications made using our platform.

However, for the best quality jewelry products we ask for a 1 mm minimum wall thickness for all areas in the 3D models that you upload onto Gildform. If in the event your 3D Model presents issues in the manufacturing process or is Not Optimized for Production or overall not producible, we will reject the order and refund the cost of the item that is not optimized for production, minus the Restocking Fee.

Please Note: There is a Restocking Fee for each item that has been rejected due to being deemed  Not Optimized for Production. The Restocking Fee is 15% of the total cost of each item that is Not Optimized for Production.

We can not guarantee that your 3D file(s) will be optimized for production and have all the necessary allowances for shrinkage, polishing, etc.

Your model may shrink  ~0.25 mm plus ~2.5-5% after casting and finishing. For rings the inner diameter is accurate within +/- 0.1 to 0.15mm. The model typically shrinks about ~2.5-5% after casting and finishing. We do our best to polish your pieces to match your model file(s). However, we cannot guarantee that your model accounts for this shrinkage and polishing. By working with a Gildform designer, you will be certain that your  CAD file is ready for production with the necessary tolerances for 3D printing and polishing. If you’d like us to inspect your CAD file before placing your order, email us your  3D file to The cost for inspection is $35 per 3D file.

We will inform you if your design requires a remodel to be better optimized for production.  Upon your approval, we will add the cost of inspection toward the total cost of the new 3D model/CAD file. 

Acceptable CAD file formats: .stl and .obj

Maximum Size for 3D models: 3-inch x 4-inch

Always consider the Weight, Wearability, Size, Cost and Manufacturability when designing your 3D model - View the following article for more information -