What Can I Expect for Processing/Lead Times for Design?

We are eager to see you bring your jewelry designs to life and we know that you are too. While design is an iterative process, we've broken down what you can expect for receiving the 3D model in the Design process.

TIP: Once you've selected your designer, be sure to discuss an agreeable lead time for your projects directly.

Processing times can vary depending on your design and the complexity. Various steps go into creating the full turn around time. Every design is unique and the process for bringing your vision to 3D models will depend on the following - 

  • the time that it takes to gather all the information needed to begin the work
  • the time it takes to receive payment for your quote
  • the time it takes to create the 3D model
  • the time it takes to get approval or make edits to your design
  • the designers current queue and what is currently submitted

Typically it can take 3 - 10 business days (excluding weekends and holidays), depending on the aforementioned! More complex design may take longer and all lead time are always assessed on an individual basis.

Please consider that when making edits, your design is added back to the queue and will be completed in the order that it was received. The more information and clarity that we have around your edits, the better! 

If you need help with the design process check out the following article: How to Design With Gildform?