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What happens to orders placed through Shopify?

If you are Standard Plus member and have downloaded the Gildform Fulfillment App on Shopify for manufacturing your jewelry products on-demand, here's what happens once an order is placed on your Shopify store.

When orders are placed on your Store, Gildform will receive the order, charge your card on file and begin working on it to the original specifications of the published design.

Each product with different materials and specification will require its own Publish to your Shopify store.


Make sure your product description matches what you've published and imported from the Gildform app, as Gildform will produce every order to the specifications of the item published.

How to publish your jewelry items to your Shopify Store? Click here

Make sure that your Shopify Store is set up properly! Read this article for more information.

To set up your shipping preferences for orders go to your Shopify Settings.